About our Local

Local 277 was chartered by Office Employees International Union in 1952 to 15 charter members in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Local 277 was first chartered to represent clerical and technical employees in Aircraft and related industries. In 1965, our name was changed to Office & Professional Employees International Union. Later other offices were organized that included office clerical, technical and professional employees in the insurance industry, trucking offices, union offices and manufacturing offices. Today Local 277 represents over 10000 members in the insurance industry, credit unions, aircraft manufacturing clerical and technical, and union offices. Local 277 negotiates and services over 35 collective bargaining agreements.

Who We Are

Executive Board & Officers:
President Tyler Turner 
Vice President  DeAundra Cephus
Secretary Treasurer  Linda Gonzalez
Recording Secretary Crystal Gentry
Diane Gonzalez
Tonia Stonum
Debra Johnson
Executive Board Member at Large Kim Whiteman
Office Staff:
Business Manager Tyler Turner 
Business Representatives  
Becky Turner
Kim Whiteman (MO & KS)
Jennifer Levine
Crystal Gentry
Assistant Business Representative Linda Gonzalez
IT Coordinator/Senior Admin Mitzi Ames
Administrative Assistant Liza Stephens / Kiara Carmona 
Maintenance (part time) Kim Wyatt