People form unions because they want to make positive changes in their workplace. A union is a nonprofit employee organization—protected by law—that helps workers speak up in a unified voice for workplace improvements. By forming a union, employees can come together to bargain a legally-binding contract that ensures workers are treated fairly and that they have the tools they need to thrive—like a living wage, secure benefits, and a voice at the decision-making table.


“I’m in support of our union because I believe it's vitally important for all employees to have a voice in their workplace, to not feel expendable, to ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect, that they have proper recourse if they aren't, and to make sure they are compensated with the pay and healthcare necessary to live a sustainable life in Austin. Without our union, the negotiation process, open communication, and the eventual contract created between workers and employers, all of those workplace cornerstones are left vulnerable. BookPeople has been a pillar of our community in Austin for nearly 50 years, but in order to sustain this space we need to make sure the people who give the building its spirit can thrive, rather than barely scrape by.“

 – Molly Moore, OPEIU Local 277 member, Book People United

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