20 June 2016

Welcome to the new OPEIU Local 277 website!

This will be your one stop shop for all Local 277 communications, news, updates, and events. From this page members may take advantage of benefits such as the OPEIU Towing/Service Calls Benefit Program, UnionPlus discounts, and numerous scholarship opportunities. Members may also make changes to their address, order a new membership card, and register to vote. We have also provided information for those who are in need of a Union and may not be sure how to get started. 

On behalf of the Local 277 officers and staff we want to thank you for your patience as we have worked to get this website up and running. Our goal is to provide our members with up to date information and the best service and representation possible. If you have any suggestions or concerns, we certainly welcome them.
Local 277 Holds Annual Steward Training. 20 June 2016

Local 277 Holds Annual Steward Training.

Local 277 held its annual steward training summit in Fort Worth on Thursday, March 31, 2016. Training was led by Diane Thomas-Holladay from the Labor Education Progra at the University of Arkansas - Little Rock. Stewards were educated on valuable topics such as their roles in the work place, Weingarten rights, what constitutes a grievance, grievance investigation, dealing with discipline and discharge, and so much more. In addition to Ms. Thomas-Holladay’s lecture, Local 277 Legal Counsel G. William Baab gave a brief review of the arbitration process and the importance of strong steward representation. The training was well received by all and a great chance for Local 277 stewards all across the United States to meet and talk shop. 


OPEIU convened the 27th International Convention in Orlando, Florida on June 6, 2016.  There were 190 delegates, 40 alternate delegates and 39 observers from 75 locals in attendance.  The delegates to the convention elected Richard Lanigan as International President to a three-year term and re elected Mary Mahoney as International Secretary Treasurer for her third term. The delegates exhibited their confidence is this team to lead by electing them unanimously.  Additionally, four new Vice Presidents were elected: Region I - Bruce Wade, Region II Mike Bodinsky and two new Diversity Vice Presidents Lisa Blake and Maureen Meehan-Golonka.
15 June 2016

Local 277 Announces the Successful Merger with Local 320

Local 277 in Fort Worth, Texas and Local 320 in Kansas City, Missouri announced the successful conclusion of their merger effective January 1, 2016.  The surviving entity is Local 277.  We welcome our new members from Local 320.  Kim Whiteman, former Local 320 Secretary-Treasurer, has been hired as a Business Representative for the members in Missouri and Kansas and will continue to service the members and negotiate collective bargaining agreements for the different bargaining units in her area.  As a part of the merger agreement, Kim will also serve as an Executive Board Member at Large until an election is held for members in Missouri and Kansas.